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Financial Times: Martie Lieberman inspired London based The Modern House

Article Financial Times, The Modern House

… "The idea for a British design-led agency came to Hill in 2004 when as a writer at Wallpaper* magazine he was sent to Florida to interview an estate agent, Martie Lieberman, who was growing Modern Sarasota — then an unusual business.

Financial Times Modern Home Martie Lieberman

“There was a flowering of really good architecture in Sarasota in the 1950s made by [architect] Paul Rudolph, and there was a real scene there — loads of fantastic, relatively modest houses,” he says. “[Lieberman] had recognised that there were savvy New Yorkers who wanted Paul Rudolph-designed holiday homes. And so she had a preservation angle.”

Article By: Helen Barrett, Financial Times, JANUARY 2, 2019

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