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Architect Victor Lundy - Born: February 1, 1923

In 1999, I went to Houston Texas to meet architect Victor Lundy, to ask him to join our upcoming tour & symposium on the Sarasota School of Architecture in November of 2001, presented by the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota. Mr Lundy met me at the Houstonian Hotel, dressed in painters pants, having come from his studio. He showed me samples of his current work, beautiful large charcoal drawings, and later brought out magazines relating to his Florida architectural projects. Thankfully, Mr Lundy agreed to come to Florida and be a part of An American Legacy: The Sarasota School of Architecture Tour & Symposium. Victor Lundy joined architects Gene Leedy, Tim Seibert, Bert Brosmith, Mark Hampton, Carl Abbott, Jack West and others, energizing everyone with their ideas and stories during our 5 day series of events, tours, exhibitions, scholarly lectures and dinners with architects from the Sarasota School of Architecture period. The Sarasota Architectural Foundation grew out of this amazing series of events.

The Herron House is, to me, the essence of Victor Lundy's work in Florida, and is often used to illustrate his mid-century period. In 1962, LOOK Magazine wrote about the Herron House and its architect and published a number of vintage photos, including these - by Phillip Harrington.


VIDEO: VICTOR LUNDY, SCULPTOR OF SPACE - by the GSA (United States General Services Administration)

BOOK: VICTOR LUNDY: ARTIST, ARCHITECT - Donna Kacmar, Editor Princeton Architectural Press, 2019

The Herron House photo courtesy Ursula Kohl and Peter Bartos by Matt McCourtney

CREDIT: The Herron House, beautifully restored by Ursula Kohl and Peter Bartos, Venice Island, Florida

Enjoy!! -Martie

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