Artists + Architecture: John Pirman

John Pirman

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Wadsworth, Ohio, a suburb of Akron. How and When did you get interested in becoming an artist? My dad and his 3 brothers were all artistically inclined and supported me studying art. At 8 years old, mom sent in one of my drawings to Highlights Magazine, and it was published on "My Own Page". That got a lot of attention at school. I immediately became the class artist designing bulletin boards, backdrops for glee concerts, and yearbook covers. What/who motivates and inspires you as an artist? I am interested in modern and contemporary art, as well as architecture. Sarasota's emerging art scene has motivated me to move forward with my art as well. Modern architecture fits seamlessly into my style of working because it's based on geometry. It's been easy to capture the essence of Sarasota modern. It speaks to me. The contemporary exhibitions at The Ringling Museum of Art are always an inspiration. Would you agree that the remarkable "light" that we have here on the West Coast of Florida has influenced your work? I totally agree that Sarasota's light is an inspiration and a huge factor which is very important in my work. The light and shadow define the forms I use. It creates depth. Without it, my work would fall flat. How and when did you become fascinated by modern and contemporary architecture? I became fascinated with modern and contemporary architecture while living in New York City, which has some of the most significant buildings in the world. After spending time in Sarasota living in the Paul Rudolph, Ralph Twitchell Lamolithic beach house, I experienced first hand the indoor/outdoor modernist lifestyle, which changed my life. And since, there's no turning back.

I'm starting to include homeowners with architecture in my art adding a human element. They reflect what a great town Sarasota is to live in. I'm available to do commissioned house portraits. See for more art and contact info.

The Round House, designed by Jack West, originally the Hilton Leech Artist's Studio. ...with owner's Charlotte and Charles Perret.

Don Chappell House, with owners Sue and Bob Lifeso.

Hiss Studio, designed by Tim Seibert.

The Sussman family around the pool on Roberts Bay.

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